Founded in 1996 Feeney Marketing has kept up with the fast-paced changes of marketing. While online marketing has added many new elements, the principles of marketing remain the same and for that reason we look at all media and assess what the best mix is for your brand and your message. We’re known for our dynamic, agile and all-encompassing approach to marketing, brand and communication planning.

We’re not an agency whose end deliverable is a PowerPoint presentation (but we do use them and we still love them #dontbagthepowerpoint). We start at the beginning and develop insightful strategies that connect to people and human trends. We turn these insights into products, services and brand experiences that people want to use and to keep engaging with.

We adopt multi-platform strategies that include both on and offline.  We work closely with clients to ensure the strategies we adopt get results.  We look for ideas that motivate new behaviour. With help from data, debate, psychology, and maths, we look for the things your brand can do, not just what you say it can do.

Three things that make our approach effective:

  1. We work on the real problem.
  2. It’s collaborative and fast instead of linear and slow.
  3. We connect strategy with creative, media and communication.