What We Do


Our aim is to get you thinking differently about the way you do business.  We believe that Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C) are no longer mutually exclusive. Instead we believe in Business to People (B2P).  At our first meeting we will discuss and identify the key challenges you face and we will then tailor a proposal to address this.

Digital and Social

Feeney knows communication!  The vastness of online and traditional media channels available today is overwhelming. What we know is that sharing is central to the human spirit. Today, everyone shares. A lot. Knowing what not to share is also really important. We’ll help you determine what really matters so you build meaningful messages.  In a world alive with connectivity, people are becoming numb to businesses and brands.  That is why digital and social strategies must be on brand and relevant.  Finding the right message and the best channel to deliver your message is where our process begins.

Marketing Planning

Nicola has been a marketing strategist for over 25-years. Using trends, research, consumer insights, data and her curious nature she develops marketing plans that are unique to your business and brand. We do not use templates or off the shelf plans from Google. We write strategy from the ground up and include implementation strategies to ensure the project’s momentum is maintained.  We’ll help you develop a realistic action plan and a budget and provide mentoring and business coaching to make sure your plan is activated and gets results. We also act as the off site marketing department for many of our clients.


We help navigate the fingertip culture by creating content that ignites conversation and gets people talking, sharing, crying, laughing, and interested. We look to discover your brand’s buyers and influencers, and we partner with you to create relevant, audience-informed content. Our campaigns are motivating, scalable and entirely successful at generating consideration and demand across the entire journey.  Rather than focusing on an individual campaign or channel, we aim to optimise the customer pathway.