By 2019, internet video traffic will account for 80% of all consumer Internet traffic. Video is an absolutely essential part of digital advertising. Video advertising improves engagement, increases brand recall and is the perfect story telling tool.  Here are some videos that we’ve created for our clients.

Adelaide Beer and BBQ Festival

This video captures the highlights from the 2017 Adelaide Beer and BBQ Festival. One of the fastest growing winter events in the state. A culmination of the best craft brewers, food and entertainment over a three day event in July.

Ask for Cask

Feeney Marketing was responsible for strategy, implementation and management of this campaign. As part of the campaign we hosted picnics in Sydney and Melbourne to showcase the versatility and quality of cask wine. We produced videos to capture sentiment of cask wine. Here is one of those videos. Ask for Cask


APAL is an independent, accredited agriculture laboratory that provide water, plant and soil analysis. As part of their marketing strategy it was important to produce a short succinct video that clearly represented what they do.

Science Alive

Science Alive! As part of Science Alive's communication strategy we developed a series of video clips and asked kids some questions about how things worked and why. This is one of those videos #allkindsofawesome

Pringles Crouch Rural

Pringles Crouch is one of South Australia’s largest John Deere dealerships. A challenge for rural businesses is retaining and attracting staff. As part of the business strategy we developed videos to showcase 'real' staff and asked them questions about what they liked about working at Pringles Crouch. These were promoted at field days and also in metro and other regional communities. These are some of the stories.

World Environment Fair Noctarium Teaser

This 15 second clip was specifically produced to help promote the noctarium that as purposely built for World Environment Fair event. It was advertised across Facebook to entice interest and gain ticket sales.

Jolly Swagman - Easy Swag - Instruction Video

The Jolly Swagman is the first choice provider of canvas swags and canvas related products in Australia. Feeney Marketing produced an instructional video of Peter Basedow, Managing Director, setting up an Easy Swag.

Hamilton Holden - Smart Screen

Feeney Marketing was responsible for strategy for this campaign. Creative agency: On Creative created this smart screen for Westfield Marion for Hamilton Holden's 'Join the Pride' campaign.